We specialize in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Today the definition of this term and the methods used for SEO have changed significantly.

Here at Athena SEO we focus on White Hat SEO methods only, meaning that we make your website highly attractive for Google and other search engines in full compliance with search engine rules.

We are not going to lie to you saying that your website will be on the first page of Google overnight. Instead, we regard the whole process of Search Engine Optimization of your site as solid investment to your business. You invest your money and we invest our time and professional expertise.

Many SEO companies can tell you that you will notice the results of their work in 6-8 months or even more. We confirm that this is a reasonable statement for organic White Hat SEO these days. Moreover, thanks to our experience in this field and years of work on numbers of clients' websites, we can tell you that if you choose our services we will be able to show you the increase in organic traffic already in the first couple of months.

Lots of business owners want to rank for a specific keyword, and to be #1 on Google for it. In such situations we explain that although this result is achievable in theory (and we have had successful cases confirming that), the client's company would benefit much more from getting on the first page on Google for a variety of keywords, not just one main keyword being #1.

There are no 2 similar websites on the internet, every website is unique. For more information about our methods of work, please call us and we will be glad to develop a custom solution perfect for your website and your business.

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I had a great experience with Slava. I needed some SEO help with my website. Slava came to the rescue. He spent hours with me discussing an overall strategy to help me increase my rankings. His strategy was "broad", covering all aspects of SEO and social networking, and "concise", giving me a things to do list so that I can begin working on areas that my website is weak. He does a great job of explaning what he was working on and how it affects my rankings. I would highly recommend him for SEO.

Shown Philips Customer Shawn Philips Owner at Perfect Body Inc.

If I could select more than three attributes for Slava, I would have selected them all. Slava is indeed extremely communicable, provides a great service at a terrific price, works with integrity, is creative in providing solution and definitely an expert at his work.

In the few months that we've worked with Slava, he has gotten us listed in Googles top 10 search results. He is one man with great talent. His work speaks for himself!

Sonya Lee Customer Sonya Lee Startup Branding, Product Development Strategist, UX Designer, Creative Director, Entrepreneur